Since 1979
making the world
a better and more
colourful place

We specialize in coatings for the Coil Coating application and Industrial coatings for the following sectors: packaging, automotive, architecture, chemical protection and machinery, among others.

We supply our products to Spain, Europe and Africa. Our goal is focused on offering global solutions, producing quality products with special attention to the specific needs our customers have.

Our facilities
are 30km
from Barcelona

We have a perfect communication with the network of highways, ports and airports and we have a production capacity of about 7,000 tons / year. We also have a mixing system, which allows us to offer a wide range of batch sizes, from 50 kg to 28,000 kg in a single production, depending on the needs of each client.

We take care of you,
your relatives,
the environment
and the future

Quality, safety and respect for the environment distinguish us

We select the most ecological raw materials. We minimize the use of harmful, hazardous and non-environmentally friendly substances in the composition of our products together with stablishing sustainable processes in order to minimize the consumption of resources (water, energy, etc.) and emissions to the atmosphere. We optimize as well the logistics of our operations to contribute to the management of transport costs.

One of our drivers is to communicate, make understand and apply this policy to all levels of our organization.

can we
help you?

Coil Coatings

The coil coating process allows to coat flat coils or sheets of metal in a continuous operation.

Industrial Coatings

We offer all kinds of solutions in industrial paints, adapting to our customers’ needs in terms of quality of performance and delivery.

The color that YOU want

Since your product can be of any color, in Shingels we develop special products, colours according to sample and any tailor-made product.